Snappet's Story

Snappets are the brain-child of Zachary Opaskar. The idea for the first “Snappets” toy was born while Zak attended the University of Cincinnati in a paper toy class. He always knew the concept for Snappets would be a success, as did his professor – receiving an “A” on the project! 

Fast forward to 2011 and multiple careers later, Zak was holiday shopping in Los Angeles and came upon a very clever and well-designed static paper toy. Trying to impress his then-girlfriend-now-wife he said, “I have designed a paper toy that not only moves but ALSO makes noise!” She said, “Show me.” He went home, found the design, printed it out and constructed the toy that night!

Her response: “You HAVE to make these!!”

After revisiting the original design and refining it to its current incarnation the template for a new and improved “Snappet” was born. Over the last 3 years and a successful Kickstarter campaign (134% Funded!), Zak has turned that original class project into a real product!  

Now Zak has taken on the task of building the Snappets paper toy business one store and review at a time. The process has given Zak the opportunity to present Dinosaur Snappets - with great response - to first through fourth graders throughout Los Angeles. It has also helped build strong retail relationships as well as garner multiple reviews online! The success of Snappets paper toys is infectious with the typical response when someone gets one of the puppets in their hands – “This is SO COOL!”. 

From design to packaging, Snappets are crafted with love in Los Angeles, California.
All Snappets Products and Puppets are Patent Pending.

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Kids Love Snappets!