I had the great pleasure of working with Zak on developing a toy for our foundation. While he is an incredibly talented artist, I also found him to be very open to design input - a rare trait among creative folks! He gave our project a lot of thought, and the end result exceeded our expectations. His communication was open and honest, and I would not hesitate to be involved in another project with him.
— Amanda Haddock, Founder and CEO of Dragon Master Foundation

Non-Profit Snappets

Snappet's engineering template is scalable which means they can be designed to take the shape of logos, mascots, people, or just about anything you can imagine. Our custom Snappets provide a unique opportunity for businesses and organizations to engage their current and new audiences through a fun interactive take away!

To top it off Snappets flexible pricing makes it a cost-effective solution for promotions, fund raising and partnerships with bounce back to retail establishments!

Dragon Master Foundation


Dragon Master Foundation is helping to fund and bring awareness to the Pediatric Cancer Genomic Cloud (PCGC), an open source, sustainable database that will allow cancer researchers from around the world to collaborate and share raw research data. The PCGC will give researchers an unprecedented view of patients’ care and treatment to help them make faster discoveries about effective treatments.

Founder and CEO of Dragon Master Foundation, Amanda Haddock, reached out to Snappets with the idea of creating a tool that both helped lower the fears pediatric patients affected with brain cancer have, as well as generate awareness and revenue for her organization. From initial concept to finished product Snappets partnered to design, fabricate and guide the creation of Dragon Master Snappets to huge success!

With Dragon Master Foundation, the final product was a two-toy set with wrap-around packaging. Two colors schemes for the toys were chosen: one green and one violet. Included in the packaging were two sets of rubber-bands and two stickers, all neatly fitting into an 8.5"x11" resealable plastic bag.

The resulting toys are helping generate revenue and bring awareness to the Pediatric Cancer Genomic Cloud (PCGC) and Dragon Master Foundations continuing efforts to further advance this project.

If you are interested and would like to know more about Non-profit Snappets or Dragon Master Foundation please CONTACT US HERE.


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